Haute Couture and Decoration/window Mannequins

Dressmaking mannequins designed for fashion creation, and used in haute couture, wedding and corsetry design workshops and companies.

Our 100 per cent manual manufacturing processes, the quality of the materials used, and our experience of more than 120 years in the making are the best guarantee ensuring an unrivalled product in the current industry. Our mannequins have the unique advantage of allowing the use of pins on them with no damage at all on the mannequin, which differentiates them from the rest of products available in the market.

Perfect for research work and transportable in a backpack.

The only difference with our Haute Couture Bust forms is the size,exactly half of it. Same handicraft process, materials and finishing.

Used by dressmakers and students for testing ideas and learning. They use less fabric and can easily be disassembled for transportation.

An essential item for any millinery.

Balleste's Poupee Millinery Heads are used for creating prototypes of hats and head jewerly.
Same handicraft making process with best natural materials since 1892, allowing to be able to pin throught the poupee's surface.