Handmade with care since 1892


The history of Casa Ballesté starts back in 1892 in Barcelona, and it has remained closely linked to this city ever since. It all started with Mr. J. Elias Ballesté is a spacious workshop in Carrer dels Arcs street next to Portal del Angel, at the very city center. It was there where the Ballesté family designed and developed the artisanal manufacturing of the Ballesté mannequins, with the quality standards that prevail until today. The workforce in the early days reached 10 persons for a production nof 40 mannequins a week.

Casa Ballesté supplied mannequins and millinery heads to all the haute couture firms in Barcelona and Spain.

In 1983 the company changed name to 'Sucesores de Ballesté', and moved to a different location in Sants quarter to meet the new needs of the firm. At present time the atelier / showroom of 'Antigua Casa Ballesté' is located in Trafalgar street.
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